NITROMAX - N2 Generator for Spray Painting


Single Booth Single Painter

The NitroMax15 is our base model nitrogen generation system.  This heated nitrogen Spray Painting solution for a single spray booth or for a single painter facility. However, if you do have more than one spray facility, but only have one painter, this system will work with 2 x Heatpro 200s.


Double Booth Dual Painters

The NM30 is a dual painter / dual booth system. This can also be used with multiple booths / multiple painters with the addition of a receiver tank and pressure booster (if required)


NitroMax is a stand-alone system installed in-line between your compressed air supply and the spray gun. Ideal for use in both water borne and solvent paint applications. This model includes the innovative NITROHEAT pre-filtration system, the nitrogen membrane separator and our unique HeatPro200 (heated hose controller) and a heated hose.


  • Reduction of overspray
  • Improved transfer efficiency
  • Improved curing time
  • Improve cycle time, productivity and finish quality

The NITROMAX Generators from NITROHEAT® are high performance filtration units that cleans and separates the gases in compressed air to harness the available nitrogen to be used in paint applications. Conventional compressed air as a propellant carries multiple molecules and impurities traveling at different speeds, resulting in collisions, over-spray and uneven distribution of paint particles.
Molecules in NitroHeat propellant travel at nearly identical speeds and distribute themselves more evenly. Optimize your process with heated nitrogen for spray painting.

This units can be wall mounted and can be easily “self installed”


Conventional compressed air consists of different gases carrying impurities traveling at different speeds resulting in molecular "collisions" promoting overspray, uneven distribution and layout of paint particles.
Heated Nitrogen from Nitroheat, consists of the same size molecule, traveling at the same speed in the same direction carrying more paint promotes an even layout and distribution and minimizes overspray.



Less Over Spray


Faster Flash Time


Reduced Buff and Polish


Liquid Savings

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Dry, Inert and heated for optimum efficiency.

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